I think it is fair to say that January is a popular month for change. Millions of people make plans to lose weight, quit smoking, get more exercise or eat healthier every year. New Year’s resolutions abound with varying degrees of success. I think 2015 is shaping up to to be better than ever in the healthy eating department and here’s why.

Picture of healthy family

More people are talking about healthy eating

Plain and simple, there is more conversation happening everywhere about healthy eating in general and the importance of choosing healthy, nutritious foods to fuel our bodies and feed our families. You see it in the schools, you read it on the shelf talkers in the supermarkets, you see it all over social media. Children are being taught to value food with programs like Farm to School, food services are serving up more fresh, local produce in their cafeterias and universities are at the forefront with new food research programs.

The B.C. government in engaged

This is not news per say as the Canadian government has always played and important role in promoting the benefits of a healthy diet. What I think is new is that they have they become better at communicating their message. Take a look at Healthy Families BC or The Heart and Stroke Foundation for example. These two organizations are not only doing a terrific job of sharing their message both traditionally and using social media, but they are also backing it up with websites chocked full of valuable information, recipes, guides and resources to assist anyone and everyone that might want to learn more about how to make healthy choices. If you haven’t used these resources recently, you might be pleasantly surprised when you do.