rainbow-chard-beetsGrounded Strategies is honoured to have been invited to contribute to Provincial Healthy Eating Strategy development. Over the past year the BC Ministry of Health conducted a province-wide multi-sector consultation process to gather feedback on the 2011-2014 Healthy Eating Strategy. There was also a provincial, national and international scan of healthy eating strategies to identify gaps and key priorities. Out of this consultation, a Provincial Healthy Eating Strategy Leadership Council was formed and a Provincial Multi-Sector Healthy Eating Framework was developed. Three priority areas were identified and six Action Plan Teams, each with a unique area of focus were established.
We are proud to be part of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills (Food Literacy) Action Plan Team. One of the six Action Plan Teams, this group of talented individuals is focused on education and skill development that will achieve the greatest impact on healthy eating for adult British Columbians within a three year time frame. Our responsibility is to provide expertise and advice, identify actions based on defined criteria, identify resources needed to implement the actions and prioritize the actions for the Leadership Council.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Grounded Strategies to contribute to Chronic Disease Prevention through Healthy Eating by applying our extensive food industry, food skills and stakeholder engagement experience – we look forward to being part of the solution!