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Responding to Negative Reviews

By Gayle Palas | Jan 6, 2020

Responding to Negative Reviews With the growth of online engagement through e-commerce and social media, more and more conversations are happening between you and your customers online. This blog is based on an original post by, professionals in the hotel industry. I’ve tweaked it slightly to fit the food industry but the general message …

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Around the Table at the Basin Food Summit

By Gayle Palas | Nov 7, 2019

Blog Around the Table at the Basin Food Summit I was fortunate to be invited to speak at Basin Food Summit in October 2019.  What an energizing event it was.  The #BasinFoodSummit focused on promoting adaptable and innovative change in the way people grow food with the underlying theme of regeneration and creating sustainable food …

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What is Your Brand Promise?

By Gayle Palas | Oct 17, 2019

Six Questions to Ask About Your Brand A large part of how your products or services are perceived by your target market is based on emotions. Does your product satisfy a need for them? Do they feel lucky to have found your product? Do they regret having tried your product? Are they ambivalent to it …

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Unpacking Plastic Packaging

By Gayle Palas | Sep 6, 2019

Unpacking Plastic Packaging This article first appeared in British Columbia Organic Grower Fall 2019 Issue How to combat the negative media around plastic packaging and tell your sustainability story We live in a media-driven world.  Today the word plastic is associated with pollution in the oceans evoking images of sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for …

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Paid, Owned & Earned Media

By Gayle Palas | Aug 6, 2019

Paid, Owned, Earned Media   A story on and in the Vancouver Sun about a bear breaking into a car to steal Great Bear Patties is an excellent example of earned media.  What a terrific story to bring your product in front of thousands of viewers.  Tracy Lydiatt of Great Bear Enterprises Ltd was the fortunate recipient of …

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What is the Difference Between Market Research and Market Intelligence?

By Mary Ellen Hodgins | Mar 6, 2019

Market Rearch vs Market Intelligence What is the difference between market research and market Intelligence? Market research, market intelligence – you’ve heard the words and wonder what the difference is. Or maybe you’ve heard the words and just immediately feel the pain of how much time it will take when there are so many other …

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