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For when you want a little more

Some people love to learn at their own pace, others like the dynamics of a group or the intensity of one-on-one coaching.  We offer three different training formats.

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Take An Online Course

Our self-directed learning puts you in the driver's seat

(Farmers' Market Vendors Only)

Online Training

Join Our Group Coaching Program

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Our next group training starts Sept 14th, 2020

(Retail Ready Companies Only)

Group Coaching (Retail)


Gain focus and accountability with personal help from our team

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"A business without a path to profit isn't a business, it's a hobby."

Jason Fried, Founder & CEO of Basecamp

"The program opened my eyes to the entrepreneurial opportunities available to me. I found it very accessible though the online modules and would suggest it to anyone on a food business journey.."

Jenna Gyurkovits

Why Our Training Works

Online learning

Blended Learning

The power face-to-face training combined with the flexibility of online learning gives our learners the best of both worlds.


Digital Flexibility

Access learning materials across platforms, across device and across time zones. This is learning YOUR WAY.


Networks That Work!

Our programs don’t just give you information, they connect you with a network of industry professionals.

About Grounded Strategies

Your Instructors

Grounded Strategies Inc. is a B.C. based company that supports the development and growth of domestic food, beverage and natural health product industries.

We deliver practical, cost-effective training and information to contribute to domestic food production and economic growth.

In the past 5 years Grounded Strategies has delivered training to more than 800 participants across Canada.