Virtual Farmers' Market Vendor Training

The Skills You Need To Succeed Online

Future Proof Your Business

You are being forced to pivot.  We can help.

Great learning experiences are designed to initiate change.  It is not just about why you need to tell a great story and have a social media strategy , it is about how to make it happen.

That is where we come in.

Training for VIRTUAL Farmers' Markets

This is learning your way.

Program Outline

Our online program guides you through the key aspects of running a profitable agrifood business.

You will apply what you learn to your own business by following our easy to use templates and attending the online Q & A sessions.

This is not a FULL TIME course.  It is meant to fit in and around your business.  However, the saying " You will get out of it, what you put into it." definitely applies.

Topics & Program Features

Selling food online, what it really takes

Ecommerce platforms, the pros and cons

Getting up and running quickly online

Business plans and why you need one.  Yes, you really do need one

Your value proposition, quite possibly the most valuable tool in your tool box

Identifying your target audience and how to find more of them

Food Safety

Packaging and Pricing

Telling a great story

Bookkeeping Tips - how to keep things in order.

Online Q & A sessions

Downloadable checklists, cheat sheets and templates

Watch and replay video tutorials

And much more

Tanya M

Veteran Famers' Market Vendor

"I would invite any new or existing entrepreneur to access the resources Grounded Strategies has. It will inspire you and take you to the next level."

BP Quote -Entrepreneur
  • Other ways to spend $$

    • Buy untargeted Facebook ads
    • Pay someone to post randomly to Instagram
    • Not know your cost of goods
    • Get margins & markup mixed up
    • Order the incorrect packaging
    • Many, many more

This training is for you if:

  • You sell or are thinking of selling a product at a virtual Farmers' Markets
  • You make or grow a great product but have trouble selling yourself
  • You want to increase your profitability
Bread for sale at a Farmers' Market

Making or growing a great product is just the first step. 

Contact us for the next program start date.

You Don't Always Know What You Don't Know

What you think your product is worth vs what people are willing to pay for it might be two different things resulting in frustration and missed sales.

Nail Your Sales Pitch

Be able to clearly and confidently articulate why your product is worth buying and how it is better anytime, anywhere.

Find Your Buyers

Stop guessing at who your target audience is and drill down to who it really is, where to find them and how to connect.

Price Profitably

Possibly the trickiest part for any food business, effectively pricing your product is part science and part art.

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"Grounded Strategies exposed us to business requirements, thought processes and standards that changed the way we approached our customers and our company’s development."

Michele Kiss
Firefly Activated Charcoal

Invest in Yourself

In just a couple of hours a week, from the comfort of your own office, you can change the way you do business.

There are plenty of reasons not to start

"I don't have time"
"I don't know where to start"
"There is too much to do"
"I can't take time away from my business"

We get it.  Being a business owner is not easy.  You are busier than most and responsible for more jobs than you can count.

What if you:

Choose to make this year the year you work ON your business not just IN your business?

Choose this year to concentrate on streamlining your processes to work smarter not harder?

Choose this year to nail your sales pitch and increase your sales?

Choose this year to focus your marketing on who your real target audience is?

If you could learn how to increase your profitability in the next 6 weeks, would that have an impact?

This is your year to grow.  Join us as we take you through 6 weeks of business training that will change you the way you look at things forever.

Upcoming Training

New Programs Coming Soon

About Grounded Strategies

Your Instructors

Grounded Strategies Inc. is a B.C. based company that supports the development and growth of domestic food, beverage and natural health product industries.

We deliver practical, cost-effective training and information to contribute to domestic food production and economic growth.

In the past 5 years Grounded Strategies has delivered training to more than 800 participants across Canada.

"Gayle Palas and Mary Ellen Hodgins are a truly dynamic duo with tons of industry knowledge and experience."

Torill Myer
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Our online training is a combination of self study and live online sessions.